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Lubega Richard

Twezimbe means uplifting ourselves.
This is a purely developmental program, tailored to enhance development in our community. We provide information that helps our audience acquire knowledge that can be used in development.

Twezimbe program is a field based program, the presenters go to the field and gather information from all sectors of development in our community e.g. Agriculture, Animal husbandry, fishing, small-scale industries etc.
We also bring resource persons in the studio to educate our listeners. Twezimbe handles different
Development programs every day from Monday to Friday; as follows.

Monday (Twezimbe Business) We handle small-scale industries in different areas of specialization. Business development.


We handle crop farming issues
Wednesday (Twezimbe Business) Agriculture, livestock and fishing.

Thursday Any other development issues at hand, education, plus health issues. We also tackle human rights.By Dxon
Friday Africa Magazine

This kind of arrangement has helped us a lot that people have formulated listeners for this program depending on specialization.

4. Business news at 12 pm


Prossy Nanyanzi OR Ssebuufu Matia

5. SIKYABULIJJO (12:00-2:00PM)

Tina Nangonzi

This is our lunchtime program. A letter about an event that is extra ordinary is read and listeners call in to comment or advice on the theme of the letter. It contains call-in sessions where people share with us their view on the issue at hand.

1 Beauty tips
12:15pm(1min) giving the listener tips about how to achieve and maintain beauty. It targets both men and women.

2 Club yo 12:50pm-1:00pm Sports update about sports events
3 Ebyenfumba 12:40pm
(3 mins) How to cook or prepare different dishes
4 Luganda News briefs 1:30pm New briefs
5 Luganda bulletin 1:50pm Local, National and International stories
6 English brief 2:30pm New briefs