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SSERUKEERA (6:30-10:00 AM)

This is our morning prime time program. It is vibrantly presented with humor and has great music, which opens the day. The presenters encourage every listener to get out of their beds and hit the roads, go to the gardens and find something to do to earn a living. The program is an early morning riser that helps people to go for work.

The program is richly packaged in such a way that it provides early morning information, as every body is hungry for information is these morning hours. It also provides comedy, which holds our audience to the end of the show. Sserukeera brightens the day on Radio Buddu. It provides information through comedy, which evolves around real life issues in our day-to-day life.
1.Pennie Pama Panadol


3.Mzee Kamaadi

Sports update 6-6:15am(15min) Updating listeners about a variety of games results that played last night.
Engero za Sserukera
6:35 am (5 mins)
It an interactive and brain teasing slot in which listeners are challenged to complete the given ‘engero’. The winner is given a prize.

Press review ( ebifudde mu mpapula za mawulire 7:00 am (10 min) Review of our local news papers(Monitor,New Vision,Red pepper & observer)
Business Tip 7:56am(1min) Advice on how to manage busness successfully

Mukebeza Munye.
8:00 am (10mins) A call in discussion about a hot issue in the country. It can be political, social or economic.

Luganda news briefs

News is read in brief pre-selling the 8:40am bulletin

Luganda news bulletin 8:30am
News read in Luganda
Sports Analysis 9:00 am (10 min) A serious presentation of sports information
English news briefs
News is read in brief pre-selling the 10am bulletin

Kagwilawo song

9:50 am
(5 min)
A song is played instantly on request by the listener.
English news bulletin 10:00am (7min) Read by Ronnie