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1. Ebirwawo byerabirwa 6:30-7Am Hajji Hassan Sirajje MagamboThis centres majorly on the comparisons between previous,historical and current affairs
2. Ekintabuli kya Buddu by Noreen Passy 07:00AM-9:00AM A mixture of music genre played to the listeners
3 Luganda News 8am Local, national and international news stories.
(News crew) 8am-9am This program reviews items that featured in the news that was.

6 KINANJOKYA NKIMIZE.(Hajj.Umar) 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM Apolitical show that aims at giving our listeners a chance to air their views on different burning issues in the political field. They are given a chance to call in
7 EBIRANGO( Ndaula Albert) 12:00 PM Our listener’s announcements are read. Some are death announcements, some commercial and others notices. This time the listeners are linked with fellow listeners.
8 MUSAWO WO (Lubega Richard) 12:00 PM-1pm This is a health program that aims at helping our listener identify common illnesses and learn how to prevent them and, or take care of themselves in case they catch them. It talks about any health issue.
9 KADONGO KAMU (Ndawula Albert  ) 1Pm-3:00pm A program that plays local country music

10 Akayimba ko(Penina) 3:00pm-6:00pm Listeners call in and request for their favorite songs

11. Weekendsports(Matovu Ronald) 6:00-7:00pm It is a weekly sports analysis
12. 6:00PM-9:00PM
13. DANCE PARTY(Dj Best] 9:00 PM-Till late A musical program that keeps our listeners tuned to the radio through out the night