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1. Ndaula Albert
2. Nangonzi Tina
3. Mzee Kamaadi.

This is a prime time drama/ tack back show which handles social political and economic issues which are inherent in our society e.g. domestic violence, health problems etc. The show begins with a short drama of drama that lasts between 12 – 15 minutes, and it is followed by a discussion, where our listeners call in and give their opinions about the topic.
Agafa e Bubebbere has section got section, which can be sold to our client as follows;

1. Tradition fork song; every day the presenters sing a different traditional folk song. It is usually very interesting and its one of the most popular sections/ slots in this show.
2. Traditional drums: This is the accompaniment for the folk song. This has always been sold differently. But it is the usual drumming that accompanies the song.
3. Tube fiddle: This is a traditional instrument known as Endingidi in Luganda. It is professionally played and very interesting. It can be sold separately.

NB. DJ mentions are expensive because this is the most popular program on our radio station.

10. Ebirango 10:05pm-10:10 pm

Albert (in his absence it’s the responsibility of the News dept)