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National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOT)U needs principles to effect principles- Akhenda Ocheno Emmanue

For starters, The National Organization of Trade Unions is labour Organization that Promotes and Defend 

Worker’s Interest established by Decree No.29 0f 1973.It is currently the biggest labour Centre in Uganda 

with over 25 labour union affiliations representing thousands and millions of workers in Uganda by working 

with labour unions and community in all districts.

In the recent times, National Organization of Trade Union (NOTU) has been very visible in the agitation 

of workers’ better welfare and promoting Worker’s Interests in both in the Private and Public Sector. Their 

efforts in blocking the directive by President Museveni to Ministry of Health to hire Cuban doctors and 

replace them with own Medics is the latest show down exhibited by their Principals led by Bro. Usher 

Wilson Owere who is the Chairman General of NOTU and Bro. Christopher Werikhe Peter, the Secretary

General of the Union.

Also to mention but a few, they have closely monitored workers saving with National Social Security Fund

by ensuring workers’ savings is safely kept, responsibly invested, and distributed to the rightful 

beneficiaries. They have therefore blocked any attempts of extortion and mismanagement of the fund by 

building a wall against the liberalization of this quasi-agency.

One could wonder why we have not heard of any other scuttlebutt surrounding the squandering of workers’ 

saving by NSSF like the previous saga of Temangalo that left Ugandans in harangue intestacy. This has 

been come about by wise leadership of Bro. Usher Wilson Owere and Bro. Christopher Werikhe who ruled 

a savvy of having Workers representatives onto NSSF Board whose mandate was to make consultation 

before any penny of workers’ savings is invested and also bridge gap between the saving body and workers 


whose presence has helped to monitor closely the performance the activities of NSSF.

A lot has been reached upon by National Organization of Trade Unions and their impact onto the workers’

welfare is very vivid for instance today, government this financial year has increased the remuneration of 

the lowest paid civil servants like teachers, medics, army, police and prison officers because an organization

that is mandated to Promote and Defend the Workers’ Interest has not raced down from pressing 

government to improve the welfare of their workers.

Furthermore, the current most outstanding leadership of Bro. Usher Wilson Owere and Bro. Christopher 

Werikhe whose start was not easy but along the way they have managed to register tremendous 


achievements which among include; promoting unity amongst the leaders’ affiliates and members 

of the union, promoted NOTU Nationally and Internationally, they have recruited able technical 

staff to fill the gaps created when the former technical contracts were terminated, they have lobbied 

for a National Employment Policy which was passed by Cabinet in November 2010 and was 

launched on 1st May, 2011 by President Museveni at Kakeka, Entebbe, they have championed 

advocacy for workers’ rights throughout the country and at all times, they worked tirelessly to 

affiliate 13 unions from the Confederation of Free Trade Unions (COFTU) and the Independent 

Union to NOTU, they have helped public service unions to sign the 1st Collective Bargaining 

Agreement (CBA) for the first time in the history of Uganda among others.

These two Principals, one has been elected as Vice President of Horn of Africa Confederation of 

Trade Union in charge of eight countries; Uganda, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, 

Somalia and Kenya and the other has been elected as Internal Auditor in the just concludedInternational Trade Union Congress sitting in Denmark beating the other Candidates from USA,

Germany, France and Seychelles that’s is Bro. Usher Wilson Owere and Bro. Christopher Werikhe 

Peter respectively.

For workers to have continuous implementation of the NOTU principles like; continuous lobbying

of minimum wage, promotion of strong labour administration, unity of the workers’ movement,


implementation of National Employment Policy, monitoring the liberalization of pension sector 

not to disadvantage members and fighting for improved social protection, Workers should have 

faith in these two Principals who will effectively Promote and defend Workers Interests and principles.