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National Unity Platform Unveils Membership Card

The National Unity Platform –NUP has unveiled its official membership card. The white and red card has the NUP logo, the Umbrella.

While addressing the media at NUP offices that also double as headquarters of People Power, a political movement, Robert Kyagulanyi, the NUP leader and Presidential aspirant, said NUP membership card will cost 1,000 shillings and will cater for all categories of Ugandans.

Unlike other political parties like Democratic Party –DP and Forum for Democratic Change –FDC whose membership cards vary in price, Kyagulanyi said their cards will remain at Shillings 1,000 regardless of one’s financial, social, political, or economic status.

The People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, said they took time contemplating about the amount that is affordable.

Ssenyonyi cited an example of Boda-boda riders who have not been working due to Covid-19 lockdown and might not afford more than 1,000 shillings for buying NUP cards.

The cheapest card also known as ordinary of DP costs 2,000 shillings but they also have cards for 500,000 shillings and 1million shillings. FDC’s annual ordinary ticket is 1,000 but a member can as well pay for one that goes for 100,000 shillings up to 5 million shillings.

Kyagulanyi said NUP is still welcoming all members to join the party or to form a People Power Alliance as the clock ticks towards 2021 general elections.

Citing an example of JEEMA President, Asuman Basalirwa, who is also Bugiri Municipality MP, Kyagulanyi said all people they have been working will not be abandoned because the agenda is taking over leadership of this country.

Kyagulanyi and Ssenyonyi said NUP membership cards can be accessed at all regional offices.

Ssenyonyi, says that the party will hold talks with aspirants who had picked nomination forms to be endorsed by People Power before NUP was unveiled, to reach a harmonized ground.