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Kabaka wants Masaka Municipality Elevated To City Status

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has expressed disappointment in government not elevating Masaka Municipality to a city status together with the likes of Fort Portal, Jinja, and Mbarara.

According to the Mutebi, he was deeply shocked to hear that Masaka, which has all the requirements, was shunned by the government when it came to awarding cities.

The Kabaka made the remarks on Sunday during a special service at St Paul Cathedral, Kako in Masaka District.

“We really wondered why our town Masaka, which has all the requirements to become a city was overlooked in the first phase of elevating municipalities to cities.’

The Kabaka promised to make consultations with technocrats and urban planners to provide him with a detailed report on why Masaka was not considered.

“When I get some time, I will consult with urban planners to explain to me why this happened. I really don’t understand it,’ he added.

The Kabaka now adds voice onto the leaders of Masaka district who have been demanding that their town be elevated or they will sue the government.

Recently, the leaders through their lawyer Jude Mbabaali dragged government to court seeking clear explanations and a detailed procedure used by the government in eliminating Masaka town from those being elevated to a city in 2021.

The local government minister Jennifer Namuyangu would later caution the leaders to seek other means of redress, otherwise, the court would not be of help.

The leaders now say they have been energized by the Kabaka’s concerns and they will go forward with their demand for city status.

Agriculture minister Vincent Ssempijja, however, claims Masaka leaders are to blame for their misfortune.

“They should stop pretending and blaming the government. They (leaders) did not submit their bid in time.”