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Masaka District Hunts for Over UGX 4B to Complete Headquarters

Masaka district local government is desperately hunting for over Shillings 4 billion to complete its headquarters. 

The construction work started in the 2011/2012 financial year in Kizungu zone in Masaka Municipality but stalled in 2015 due to lack of funds.

The district has since failed to raise funds to complete the five storied building. 

Joseph Kalungi, the former Masaka LC V Chairperson, says they expected to complete the construction work in 2017 and vacate the Buddu County headquarters, which is under Buganda Kingdom that they have occupied for decades.

He faults the current district leadership for failing to embrace the proposed fundraising strategies included in the work-plan, which has stalled the project.  

The current district leadership has failed to make any progress on the construction works.  

Jude Mbabaali, the Masaka District Chairperson, says despite being on top of his 2016 campaign pledges, he is yet to deliver on his promise to complete the offices due to financial constraints the district is facing.  

According to Mbabali, he had largely counted on the central government to finance the project but the help hasn’t come despite his repeated appeals to the Local Government and Finance ministries. 

He also says the district recently lost its main local revenue sources when several landing sites were closed in the army-led operation.

Mbabaali says following their failure to secure government funding, they have now place their trust in their newly found partnership with Sichuan province of China under the China-Africa Local Government Cooperation forum Uganda – CAFAU.

Although Mbabaali is uncertain when the construction will resume, he is optimistic that the headquarters will be completed.

Some of the political offices in the district operate at the new site, while the technical departments operate in Buddu County headquarters.