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Burora Appears in Court Today

Former Rubaga Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Herbert Anderson Burora is this Tuesday morning expected to appear before Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s court for his bail hearing. 

Burora was on July 4 charged with hate speech and malicious information under the Computer Misuse Act before being remanded to Luzira Prison till July 9, 2024.

The offence, on conviction, warrants a fine not exceeding 750 currency points (Shs 15 million) or imprisonment not exceeding seven years, or both. 

The bus carrying Burora and other suspects arrived at court at 9:30am.  

Burora has since denied the charges.

Court heard that between March and June 2024 in the areas of  Kampala district or thereabout while using X (formerly Twitter) handle ‘@HarderHB’, Burora shared information that was likely to ridicule, degrade or demean and promote hostility against the speaker of parliament Annet Anita Among.

On the second count, the prosecution stated that Burora shared malicious information relating to Among around the same time and areas. 

The prosecution led by state attorneys Richard Birivumbuka, Joan Keko, and Ivan Kyazze informed the court that investigations into the matter were still ongoing. 

The lawyers, Phillip Munaabi, David Kamukama, and Benjamin Katana argued that the charge sheet did not show what Burora said to constitute hate speech, and nothing malicious was indicated. 

The defence team cited the Dr Stella Nyanzi case in which the prosecutors indicated that she used the word ‘buttocks’ and other vulgar words, which is not the case with Buroroa’s charge sheet.

Munaabi asked the court to free Burora until such a time when a proper charge sheet will be drafted by the prosecution.

But, Birivumbuka instead asked the court to give them an adjournment to reply to the submissions raised by Burora’s lawyers.

Burora’s lawyers insisted that if the prosecutors were not legally prepared, their client should be released.

They said if prosecutor Birivumbuka is busy next week, his colleague Ivan Kyazze who is ever at Buganda Road court should take charge and handle the matter instead of remanding him for so long. 

However, in his ruling, the Chief magistrate, Ronald Kayizzi said the issues of legality of the charge sheet will have to first be resolved before the matter can proceed.

Burora was on March 14 suspended by the Secretary to the Office of the President, Hajji Yunusu Kakande on grounds that he violated the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders by publicly attacking the Speaker of Parliament. 

He was asked to hand over the office, the Government vehicle and any other Government property in his possession to Ms. Doreen Keita, Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Central Division  Kampala.

He would later use X to rally masses for an anti-corruption protest at Parliament on May 23, 2024.

BY ChimpReports