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Bishop Kisembo Asks People of Tooro to Forgive Katuramu


The Bishop of Ruwenzori Diocese Reuben Kisembo has asked the people of Tooro to forgive the former Tooro Premier John Sanyu Katuramu.

Speaking at the 26th Coronation anniversary of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV on Sunday, Bishop Kisembo said that Katuramu should be forgiven because everyone is a sinner.

Katuramu was released on Saturday after spending 20 years in Luzira Prison for the murder of Prince Happy Kijanangoma.

Katuramu’s sentence was commuted to life in prison after Susan Kigula and 400 other death row inmates successfully appealed against their sentences in the Supreme court in 2009.      

The Supreme Court then ruled that if someone is convicted and sentenced to death and is not hanged within three years, then the High court would revisit his or her sentence to a maximum of life in prison for 20 years.  

Bishop Kisembo said that he went to Luzira with the family of the late Kijanangoma to meet Katuramu, who was remorseful for the crimes he committed. He said if the family of Kijanangoma forgave Katuramu, he is hopeful that the people of Tooro will do the same.

Quoting the bible in the book of John chapter 8 verse 7, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Kisembo said that not everyone is perfect, but the people of Tooro should have a heart for forgiveness.

Kisembo also said that Katuramu should be supported to reunite with his family since he has completed his sentence.

The bishop also asked the government to expedite the return of the Kingdom assets and also reopen places of worship. He said that churches and other places of worship are more organized than markets and car parks when it comes to following SOPs

Tom Butiime the Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities said that the government is determined to return the Kingdom’s properties.

by URN