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One Shot Dead in Gomba Protests Against Bobi Wine's Re-arrest

According to Alex Kato, a resident of Bukalagi in Gomba, at around 9:30 pm, youths in Gomba, the birth home of Kyagulanyi went on rampage, blocked all major roads and lit Bonfires protesting the re-arresting of their 'village mate'.

Kato says amidst the protests, youth wielding with cubs, stones and machetes charged towards police officers who had been deployed to quell the protest. 

"They were energetic, singing songs of Bobi Wine plus the famous people power slogan and when police officers came, they never ran. They instead tried to attack the men in uniform," Kato said. 

Joseph Musana, the Katonga Regional Police Spokesperson, says that Sserunga was shot after he attacked a police officer Jonny Nteziramira with an intention of disarming him. 

Sserunga died on his way to Gombe Hospital.

Sserunga is the third person to die in demonstrations against the detention of Kyagulanyi. 

Sam Ssekiziyivu, a resident of Mityana was on Sunday shot dead while in a commuter taxi going to attend to Masaza Football Match. On Monday, a man was shot dead during the protests in Kampala. 

 On Thursday, the General Court Martial in Gulu Barracks chaired by Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti withdrew charges of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition against Kyagulanyi. 

He was however immediately re-arrested and driven to the Gulu Magistrates Court where he was charged with treason before Yunus Ndiwalana, the Gulu Grade One Magistrate.