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"I Dress The Way I Want Because Its My Style" - Winnie Nwagi

After apologizing to her fans, parents and the general public for behaving unprofessionally while at St Mary's College Kisubi( SMACK),  musician Winnie Nwagi seems to have reached her breaking point. 

The "Magic" singer is tired of being criticized and judged by her fans, for the way she performs and dresses on stage. 

"I put on mini skirts because they are made for people, I dress the way I want because it is my style, I dance the way I dance because I have a fine body, if you find it offensive, you are free to unfollow me and excuse your self from being one of my fans," Winnie Nwagi said. 

A few months ago while performing in Dubai, the Swangz Avenue artist broke one of her fan's smartphones for recording a video of her while she was performing.