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Mioraku – Jackie Chandiru come back song

It was between the year of 2016- 2017 the last time I talked to Uganda’s ranked female top Musician by then Jackie Chadiru . I had visited my late friend Mowezy Radio for a business talk at his Makindye Kizungu based House .

Its then I discovered a lady holding herself a round the musical studio entrance of Good Life Magic was my favorite female top Singer. Among people around was Micheal Ross and other Uganda Music stars who hadn’t realised that it was the famous Jackie….Jackie ….oh know…its horrible .

Micheal Ross hugged her and wished her a quick recovery it was too terrible to look at Jackie … I for one felt sad but was grateful that she was under the care and at the hands of Radio (RIP)

Radio was taking care of Jackie covering all her medical expenses together with shelter .

Big Papa was the ‘de-facto’ Manager by then holding over 15 M UGX for Jackie from Uganda promoters who wanted the new Mioraku singer to perform at different gigs around Uganda, no she was too weak to perform she looked totally retired.

2019? Jackie Chadiru bounces back to uplift her music career with a blend ‘Mi Ora Ku song freely download this song by clicking on this Mi Ora Ku

Many Ugandans have wished Jackie Chadiru a well quick recovery in her new musical journey include @norbertmao
We wish you well Jackie. You are a fighter. You can use the challenges as stepping stones to an even more awesome musical career. May God bless you. Jackie Chandiru Opens Up on Drug Addiction,

and at Radio Buddu Jackie welcome back!