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Big Eye Blames Kenzo for the Bottle Scenario at Freedom City

I am among the Few Celebrated Musicians in Uganda- Big Eye - Howwe.ug

Official Press Release!
Good day to everyone. I would like to appreciate all those who attended both concerts that took place last Friday 9/06/2023 in support of both our fellow brothers @Allienskin and @Pallaso
To all my fans, its quite unfortunate that i didn't complete performance at my brother Allien skin’s concert due to a "planted group" of
individuals staged in different corners of Freedom City Arena who pelt bottles at me with an aim of turnishing the brand Big Eye establishment and identity.
This was planned and financed by a Bad Mind and Shallow Minded fellow musician who thinks he can put Big Eye down and quit the carrier. We have already collected enough evidence and information about it and that person is non other than Eddy Kenzo.
As a musician/ brand/stakeholder, i uphold to your endless support and love you always offer to me as well as Big Music Entertainment in particular amidst such inhuman behavior.
Looking forward to continue entertaining you
because its what iam made of and because of you, we have made this far and growing stronger. Just know i can't thank you enough. God above all. Peace and Love.
Regardless we still stand up.
Big Eye (CEO Big Music Entertainment)