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Sheebah: My fellow artists never involve me in anything and I can’t force myself on them

KAMPALA – Despite being one of the top female names to reckon with in Uganda’s music industry, Team No Sleep songstress Sheebah Karungi never involves herself in the various music fraternity related engagements.

Many people have always attacked the singer for always keeping silent and looking on as her fellows fight for the good of the music industry.

The Diva never gets involved in any activity organized by fellow artistes and always prefers to keep a low profile, a thing that has always puzzled people coming from a person of her caliber.

Recently, artistes through their unifying body dubbed Uganda Musician Association (UMA), collectively raised their voices against the Uganda Performers Right Society (UPRS), and the Performers Law which was going to be imposed on them but Sheebah was a no show.

However, in an interview with a local TV station, the singer finally revealed the reason behind her silence when it comes to artists’ engagements.

Sheebah said that her fellow artists never call to inform her about anything and there is no way she can attend a gathering or meeting where she wasn’t invited because it feels like she’s just throwing herself on them.

“I can bet on it, if there is any artist who has ever told me that ‘Sheebah we have a meeting’ and I refuse to attend, they can prove me wrong. It has never happened, my fellow artists never involve me in anything and I can’t force myself on them,” she said.