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SHEEBAH: Marriage is not my priority!

KAMPALA – While celebrating her 30th birthday late last year, Sheebah dropped a bomb on all would-be contenders that marriage was not yet a thing for her.

In an exclusive interview with a local TV station yesterday, Sheebah reaffirmed her sentiment and opened up on why she is taking her time to get engaged revealing that marriage is not her priority.

The Team No Sleep songstress explained that the reason as to why she is not engaged is that she wants to be true to herself and maintain doing what she does best since she chose to be an activist.

“For me I want to be true to myself, society and where I come from and what I am supposed to do. I know I’m not marriage material. If I am, maybe I will see that in future. But as for now, I am a feminist and I am not against anyone married,” she said.

Sheebah went on to maintain that her statements are not aimed at discouraging those who are ready for marriage not to do so but advised them to do as they wish and do what they feel is right for them.

She cautioned women out there on getting married just because society tells them to do so because that’s the norm. She advised them to take up marriage on their own free will if they are ready and if not wait since it is not for everybody.

“As a public figure and as an activist I knew what I signed for. I knew people who are gonna be sited at home doing a lot of nothing were to criticize and attack me for being myself. But I knew what I was signing for. So it is not something to talk about.”