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Singer Nshuti denies closeness with Bobi Wine’s brother Eddy Yawe.

Nshuti’s closeness with Bobi Wine’s  brother Eddy Yawe caused brawls and bitter bead between singer Nshuti and alleged longtime boyfriend Mark ,this story was published yesterday by one of the gossip newspapers in Uganda.The story also reflected Eddy Yawe’s closeness with the guitarist alleging that most of her covers are influenced by Yawe.

However Sexy  Nshuti Facebook page denies all these allegations;
“Closeness to Eddy Yawe. No we’re not close

Mark who works with an airline. No there’s no such a person that I know.

To set the record straight for those who published this tainting story’ I’m in a relationship with someone. this person is not Mark and he doesn’t work with any airline. whoever needs to know should wait for when I intend to answer to this.you will know his name and where he works. My fans disregard this rumour it doesn’t have facts.” Nshuti added

Red Pepper publications covering Nshuti’s story alleging love relationship with Dp activist Eddy Yawe

Having mentioned about her relationship, we have gone ahead to investigate this story to find out who exactly is giving romantic time to this sexy musician and we’ve failed whoever we’re aware of over 6 men who have sleepless nights to convince this guitarist into a relationship.

The list starts with 4 NRM youth who have vowed to sale all there property to have aview of her natural goodies . A one Ronald Kasekende a Germany based Dp activist , Tyccon Akankwasa Bob  who is a Ugandan based in Rwanda commanding larger business interests in Kagame land and  one People Power activist whose name we withhold.


Nshuti is a renown guitarist whose last cover “NAMBI” has attracted over 200,000 followers. We expect ally from the guitarist Nshuti.