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Zari Hassan hires lawyer to compel Diamond spend time with his kids

Sweetheart Zari Hassan has now resorted to seeking legal counsel in attempts to tame her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz.

Radio Buddu has learnt  the mother of five hired a lawyer who will ensure Diamond adheres to all visitation requirements and sticks to his fatherly role and nothing more. 

According to reports by Global Publishers, a source close to the East africa’s  socialite revealed Zari is aware of the role a father plays in his children’s lives therefore she needs Diamond to man up and be a proper dad.

“Diamond has been visiting South Africa every month because it is a legal obligation he must meet. That obligation was set by Zari’s lawyer, who was hired to ensure that the ex-couple’s co-parenting agreement is fully observed,” the source said.

 Reports indicated Zari’s lawyer told Diamond not to ever falter from visiting South Africa to see his kids even if he had prior engagements.

The Jibebe hit maker was further directed not to sleep in his ex-wife’s room whenever he visits her mansion. 

“He was told never to fail to abide by the visitation dates even if he has shows lined up. Their agreement also directs Diamond not to sleep in the same room with Zari Hassan.

He either sleeps in a different room within the house or seek accommodation in a hotel,” the source opened up. When the musician was reached for comment, he acknowledged the existence of such an agreement but declined to give the details of their co-parenting agreement.

Zari through one of her social media rants took a swipe at Diamond stating he was never there for her kids. According to the mother of five, her brother had to take up the role of a father figure to her young children.