1. SSERUKEERA (6:30-10:00 AM)

This is our morning prime time program. It is vibrantly presented with humor and has great music, which opens the day. The presenters encourage every listener to get out of their beds and hit the roads, go to the gardens and find something to do to earn a living. The program is an early morning riser that helps people to go for work.

The program is richly packaged in such a way that it provides early morning information, as every body is hungry for information is these morning hours. It also provides comedy, which holds our audience to the end of the show. Sserukeera brightens the day on Radio Buddu. It provides information through comedy, which evolves around real life issues in our day-to-day life.

1.Nakagezi Peninah

2.Lukenge Kizito

Sports update 6-6:15am(15min) Updating listeners about a variety of games results that played last night.
Engero za Sserukera
6:35 am (5 mins)
It an interactive and brain teasing slot in which listeners are challenged to complete the given ‘engero’. The winner is given a prize.

Press review ( ebifudde mu mpapula za mawulire 7:00 am (10 min) Review of our local news papers(Monitor,New Vision,Red pepper & observer)
Business Tip 7:56am(1min) Advice on how to manage busness successfully

Mukebeza Munye.
8:00 am (10mins) A call in discussion about a hot issue in the country. It can be political, social or economic.

Luganda news briefs

News is read in brief pre-selling the 8:40am bulletin

Luganda news bulletin 8:30am
News read in Luganda

Sports Analysis 9:00 am (10 min) A serious presentation of sports information
English news briefs
News is read in brief pre-selling the 10am bulletin

Kagwilawo song

9:50 am
(5 min)
A song is played instantly on request by the listener.

English news bulletin 10:00am (7min) Read by Ronnie
Lubega Richard

Twezimbe means uplifting ourselves.
This is a purely developmental program, tailored to enhance development in our community. We provide information that helps our audience acquire knowledge that can be used in development.

Twezimbe program is a field based program, the presenters go to the field and gather information from all sectors of development in our community e.g. Agriculture, Animal husbandry, fishing, small-scale industries etc.
We also bring resource persons in the studio to educate our listeners. Twezimbe handles different
Development programs every day from Monday to Friday; as follows.

Monday (Twezimbe Business) We handle small-scale industries in different areas of specialization. Business development.


We handle crop farming issues
Wednesday (Twezimbe Business) Agriculture, livestock and fishing.

Thursday Any other development issues at hand, education, plus health issues. We also tackle human rights.By Dxon
Friday Africa Magazine

This kind of arrangement has helped us a lot that people have formulated listeners for this program depending on specialization.

4. Business news at 12 pm


 Prossy Nanyanzi OR Ssebuufu Matia

5. SIKYABULIJJO (12:00-2:00PM)

Tina Nangonzi

This is our lunchtime program. A letter about an event that is extra ordinary is read and listeners call in to comment or advice on the theme of the letter. It contains call-in sessions where people share with us their view on the issue at hand.

1 Beauty tips
12:15pm(1min) giving the listener tips about how to achieve and maintain beauty. It targets both men and women.

2 Club yo 12:50pm-1:00pm Sports update about sports events
3 Ebyenfumba 12:40pm
(3 mins) How to cook or prepare different dishes
4 Luganda News briefs 1:30pm New briefs
5 Luganda bulletin 1:50pm Local, National and International stories
6 English brief 2:30pm New briefs

6.THE MIX (2:00pm-4:00pm
Dj Muteesa

This is our late lunchtime program. Music is played back to back with less talk. It contains call-in sessions where people send their lunchtime greetings.

1 Akayimba akenjawulo 2:11pm
We play a Gospel song to address the interests of our listeners who enjoy this kind of music.

2 Amasu kumuyimbiwo 3:37pm Here we give listeners latest information about their favorite artist/s

7.AGOMUNKUUBO (4:00pm-5:pm)
Bogere Moses

This is our evening sports programme.It involves analysis,updates and sports news in general

8. MUKYAKAZE (5:00-8:00 PM)
1.Mbaziira Tonny

Mukyakaze program is our late evening drive show. It is hot and packed with fast music. It is packaged to suit the Youth and those who are young at heart. Its major strength is the music that is played back to back that keeps playing to the end of the program and keeps our audience high to the end of the program.

Mukyakaze means one who loves fun, the show is spiced up with skit and slots that suite the target listeners’
The program is meant to relax a listener after a heavy days work or boost the moral of those who are still at work.

ENGLISH NEWS 3:00(3 mins) News update in English By Sunday Ronnie
5. Katayira 5:20pm
(5 min) Listeners from different localities call in live to send greetings
7. Ekikutadde ku bunkenke

6:30pm (5min) Provides a platform for our listener to talk about issues they feel have not gone down well with them. These issues could be political, social, economic or even social.

8. Towakana 6:15PM Here we tell listeners strange but true things that exist

9. Foreign News 6pm News from the African continent.
10. Omuzanyi Wolunaku
6:50pm (10 Mins) Talks about sports player on the local and international scene in brief.


The news crew

Wotabadde is a wholesome package of news that has transpired through the day. It covers local, international, sports, business, health news and technology.
Different news anchors participate featuring different news items. More so various news reporters tell of their field experience as they narrate their news stories in detail during the program.


1. Ndaula Albert
2. Nangonzi Tina
3. Ssentongo Isa.

This is a prime time drama/ tack back show which handles social political and economic issues which are inherent in our society e.g. domestic violence, health problems etc. The show begins with a short drama of drama that lasts between 12 – 15 minutes, and it is followed by a discussion, where our listeners call in and give their opinions about the topic.
Agafa e Bubebbere has section got section, which can be sold to our client as follows;

1. Tradition fork song; every day the presenters sing a different traditional folk song. It is usually very interesting and its one of the most popular sections/ slots in this show.
2. Traditional drums: This is the accompaniment for the folk song. This has always been sold differently. But it is the usual drumming that accompanies the song.
3. Tube fiddle: This is a traditional instrument known as Endingidi in Luganda. It is professionally played and very interesting. It can be sold separately.

NB. DJ mentions are expensive because this is the most popular program on our radio station.

10. Ebirango 10:05pm-10:10 pm

Albert (in his absence it’s the responsibility of the News dept)


Bogere Moses, matovu Ronald & Tamukedde Umar

This is a sports program. This program aims at giving our listeners updates about different sports activities that have tranpared during day and those projected to happen & our listerners call in for their questions to be answered. Its’an educative sports program.



Mbaziira Tony

The program is funky with a variety of dance hall music played back to back. It puts the listener in a weekend mood. It has interactive sessions where callers send their greetings and request for their favorite songs.

13.Monday to Thursday Ki love love-Sunday Ronnie.
This is a relaxation programme where our listeners are treated to alittle slow blending music and get to interact with the presenter on love &social issues.

1. Ebirwawo byerabirwa 6:30-7Am This centres majorly on the comparisons between previous,historical and current affairs
2. Ekintabuli kya Buddu(Betty Namukasa) 07:00AM-9:00AM A mixture of music genre played to the listeners
3 Luganda News 8am Local, national and international news stories.
(News crew) 8am-9am This program reviews items that featured in the news that was.

6 KINANJOKYA NKIMIZE.(Hajj.Umar) 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM Apolitical show that aims at giving our listeners a chance to air their views on different burning issues in the political field. They are given a chance to call in
7 EBIRANGO( Ndaula Albert) 12:00 PM Our listener’s announcements are read. Some are death announcements, some commercial and others notices. This time the listeners are linked with fellow listeners.
8 MUSAWO WO (Lubega Richard) 12:00 PM-1pm This is a health program that aims at helping our listener identify common illnesses and learn how to prevent them and, or take care of themselves in case they catch them. It talks about any health issue.
9 KADONGO KAMU (Ndawula Albert ne Dominic ) 1Pm-3:00pm A program that plays local country music

10 Akayimba ko(Penina) 3:00pm-5:00pm Listeners call in and request for their favorite songs
11. Weekendsports(Tamukedde) 5:00-6:00pm It is a weekly sports analysis
12. 6:00PM-9:00PM
13. DANCE PARTY(Dj Muteesa Pro] 9:00 PM-Till late A musical program that keeps our listeners tuned to the radio through out the night



No Program Time Presenters Description
1. Yebazibwe Mukama Lwa Sunday

Albert Ndawula This is a religious program. It hosts a Reverend from the Anglican church

4. Sunday Special 7:00am to 10am Hajj.Umar A program that mainly plays local band music. It is aimed to relax the listener and therefore keep them tuned in. It gives the listener to call and send greetings to loved ones
5 Luganda news 8:50am Nanyanzi Prossy Local, national and international stories
Tumusinze 10:00- 11:00 AM. A religious program that is designed to suite the religious needs of the listener who subscribes to the Catholic religion. It hosts a priest from the Catholic church who throws light on the days’ readings. It helps bridge the religious gap for those listeners who for some reason do not catch up with the weekly homilies.
7 Kalimagezi 11:00-12:00 AM Siraje Hassan Magambo An educative program that gives the listener an opportunity to ask a question about any issue of concern as regards the political history of any country or about any political giant

9 Muto muna buddu

Nangonzi Tina A program designed to suite little children’s taste. It is meant to up date them about news concerning fellow children and other issues of concern to little children.

10 Tugunjuke
1:00pm-2:00pm Kibudde ,Salama & Namugera A program that addresses family issues mainly. It is designed to help parents, children and married people be able to survive as a community, happily, with mutual understanding

11 Luganda news 2:00pm Nanyanzi Prossy Local, national and International stories
12. Top 20 count down 2:00-4:00PM Mbaziira Tony An entertaining program that plays the top twenty songs as selected by the presenter, basing on his assessment that week.
13 Muna U 4:00-6:00PM Madimbuko A musical show that plays local music and information about artists.
14 Gandaalo 6:00-9:00 PM Peninah A musical show that aims at entertaining the listener. It plays back-to-back a variety of hits. The presenter gives the listener an opportunity to call in and send greetings. He also offers soft information from entertainment majorly.
15 Luganda News 9Pm Hannifah Local, National and International stories
16 Enkuluze y’olulimi oluganda 9pm-11am kibudde and Kalema John A cultural Program that helps people understands the Baganda Culture and language better. It also refreshes their knowledge about both the language and other cultural aspects of the Baganda.
17 Night groove 11pm-5am Sunday Ronnie Night melodies that gets listeners through the Sunday night to Monday morning


                                                   SKITS AND SLOTS

Buddu Clock : Every top of the hour (12 times a day) , time check at every top the hour.

Healty Tips : Every top the hour , a reminder on healthy tips.

Kadoma : At the beginning of the AD block that plays at 20 mins past the top of the hour , A young kid of a comic character ,he interprets every situation in a reverse way.

Mzee Kakumba: At every 30 mins past the top of the hour, character of a mzee ( man) who pretends to know every prominent person in the world. He calls Radio Buddu all the time to talk about his findings on his journeys around the world.

Ekizinga kya Ssentebe: At the beginning of the AD block that plays at 20mins to the top of the hour . Character of village Chairman who is manipulative and cunning having corrupt tendencies in judging every crime before him.

Building Tips.


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